Tear Down & Rebuild

Keep Your Neighborhood … Replace the Existing House

If you love your neighborhood, but don't love or even like the house you live in, consider starting over. A new, well-designed energy efficient home is the solution many families turn to when remodeling doesn’t make sense. We have removed and rebuilt hundreds of homes and are uniquely qualified to answer your questions.  Call or visit to find out if rebuilding makes sense for you.

For Victims of Storm Damage or Fire

In tragic instances, we have had clients come to us because their house has been declared unsafe due to a storm or fire. We offer top priority to these clients and special care is given to rebuild their new home as quickly and painlessly as possible. 

Top 3 reasons why clients choose to tear down an existing house:

  1. The cost to repair their existing house exceeds its value, but they love the location, school system or setting of the home. 
  2. They can’t find a pre-existing house that suits their needs and available building lots are scarce. 
  3. They would like to replace a seasonal cottage with a low maintenance, energy efficient home that allows them to live in year round.
Top 3 reasons why clients choose to tear down an existing house:

Top 3 reasons why our clients choose us to rebuild their home:

  1. Our simplified building process makes it possible for very busy people or those living out of state to build a new home.  We listen and understand what is important to you. Then we design your new home to fit your building lot, neighborhood and budget.  We guide you so decisions are made before construction starts eliminating the need for allowances that can increase the cost to build.
  2. Our homes are built off site, saving our clients time and offering more value. Demolition and foundation work happen at the site while the home is being built in an indoor, controlled environment. In most cases, we can design and build your home to fit an existing footprint.
  3. We want you to love your home and enjoy the journey along the way. You do not need to spend days driving from store to store to pick out materials and finishes.  All selections are made in our beautiful, newly remodeled Design Center in one or two sessions.

Top 3 reasons why our clients choose us to rebuild their home:

YES!!!! We are open for business by appointment only, following all CDC guidelines for your health and safety. Call to schedule a video conference, phone appointment or in-person meeting with a knowledgable building consultant. Find out why over 1600 families have chosen us to be their builder.

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