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Floor plans are essential because it is where every new home dream begins...

Whether you need a floor plan or already have one you like, our design team is uniquely qualified to help guide you. Head designer and founder of Connecticut Valley Homes, Catherine Taylor, answers frequently asked questions about the Connecticut Valley Homes floor plan and design process.

Q1: Can I change or modify a floor plan from your website?
: We welcome changes because everyone is building for different reasons and needs. Our award-winning team has designed and built over 1700+ new homes and is exceptionally well qualified to make any modifications you might want. In addition, you will be happy to know there is no additional fee to re-design any Connecticut Valley Homes’ floor plan unless you use additional materials.

Q2: I have looked at your website plans collections and don’t see what I want. Can Connecticut Valley design a new home for me completely different from anything on your website?
Absolutely. We have been designing and building new homes for over 40 years. We specialize in crafting floor plans that fit customer’s needs and embracing their building site and budget. Clients routinely say their home is a pleasure to live in and are grateful for the help they received from the Connecticut Valley Design Team. Please note that home design and blueprints are included in the price of your new home.

Built by Connecticut Valley Homes | Charlestown, RI

Q3: I designed my home and know exactly what I want. Would you be able to use my floor plan?
Yes. We can build from the plan you designed or any plan you have, as long as you own the rights to that plan. We can also review your plan and offer suggestions if you find that helpful.

Q4: Are you an experienced coastal home designer?
Connecticut Valley Homes has been building along the Connecticut and Rhode Island shoreline, plus Block Island and Fishers Island, for over 40 years and has helped hundreds of clients move into new homes perfectly designed for their coastal building site. Our team has extensive experience with flood and wind zones, small or difficult building sites, base flood elevations, and building height restrictions. We can also demolish an existing house and rebuild your new dream home.

Q5: I want to tear down my cottage and replace it with a new home. How do I find a floor plan that will fit my footprint?
: Designing homes for small or difficult building sites is one of our specialties. We can create a custom floor plan specifically for your footprint or adjust the size of our pre-designed floor plans to perfectly fit the allowed building space.

Q6: Can I work with an architect?
 Of course. If you already have an architect, we suggest a meeting with our team before the design process begins. We will review the sizes that work best from a factory perspective, allowing more work to be completed off-site, the most efficient way to build your new home. Another proactive, cost-effective approach is to have Connecticut Valley Homes design your new home and then use your architect’s services for design review. Some of our customers had taken this approach when they had specific design concerns like needing historical commission approval.

Built by Connecticut Valley Homes | Bozrah, CT

Q7: Do you have handicap-accessible plans and features available?
We have built many such homes over the years. Our experienced team designs each accessible plan to meet the owner's current and/or future needs. All you have to do is tell us what your specific requirements are. For example, we incorporate features to make living easier like wider doors and halls, handicap-accessible kitchens and baths, easy-to-use door hardware, and ramps, to name a few.

Q8: Do you have any floor plans that could accommodate in-laws / returning college students / au pair, dual en-suites, etc.?
You may not see one of our pre-designed plans that meets your needs, but that doesn't mean we can't help you. The best solution for a unique situation is a specific plan for you. Let us know your needs and budget, and we will offer floor plan solutions to consider.

Q9: What about outside living space – covered porches, decks, garages, etc. Can they be added or incorporated into one of your floor plans?
A: Yes, we show those spaces on your blueprints even if you plan to build them in the future. We also offer walk-out basements, sunrooms, screened porches, etc.

Q10: Are the features shown on the floor plans the only options offered?
 No, we offer a wide selection of choices and design options. Our photo gallery shows some of the possibilities. If you don't see what you want, all you have to do is ask.

Built by Connecticut Valley Homes | Westport, CT

At Connecticut Valley Homes, custom floor plans and blueprints are included. For over 40 years, we have designed and built dream homes that customers love. Contact us today to learn how our experienced, award-winning team can turn your wants, needs, and budget from a dream to reality as you step into your new home.

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