From Building Site to Legacy

June 8, 2021

From Building Site to Legacy

Already own vacant land or plan to tear down and rebuild?

An experienced build-on-your-lot home builder can design and build your new home to take advantage of your building site!

Don't own land yet? Many clients haven't found their building site when they first dream about a new home. An experienced build-on-your-lot builder can help with that too!

Is there a particular school district you would prefer to live in? Do you want a sloped property with a view or flat land? Do you wish to live in the country or on the shore? With a build-on-your-lot builder, the choice is yours to make! There is no better way to start creating your dream home than starting with a piece of land you love.

What exactly is build "on-your-lot"?

An on-your-lot builder is exactly what it sounds like; a construction company that builds new, custom homes on your land vs. a developer-owned sub-division. This allows the builder to work comfortably in a larger geographic area and offer more customization vs. cookie-cutter to their clients.

Tearing down and rebuilding? There are some big benefits ...

If you are tearing down an existing house to build something new, there is a good chance that you’ll already have the utilities in place for your new home. This can be a cost-saving when prepping the land and may allow for a faster construction time. Replacing an existing house with a new custom home is a popular way to increase land value. A well-rated on-your-lot construction company has the experience to efficiently build a quality, custom home in an often complicated building situation.

If you currently own vacant land, wish to tear down and rebuild, or are seeking land in your dream location, you'll receive support and guidance every step of the way at Connecticut Valley Homes. Their experienced new home team can meet at your building site (or one you are considering), help you understand the construction process, and review what home styles will work best on your property.

Connecticut Valley Homes is a build-on-your-lot home builder that designs and builds homes every day for clients who have never built a home before. Our construction process is organized, easy, and satisfying. Speak with an experienced and knowledgeable team member to learn more about designing and building an eco-friendly dream home. Call today (800) 468-6284. 

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