Connecticut Valley Homes: Building Energy Efficient Homes In Rhode Island And Connecticut Since 1981

September 30, 2019

Connecticut Valley Homes: Building Energy Efficient Homes In Rhode Island And Connecticut Since 1981

Most often when you think of an energy-efficient home you think of what you need to add to the home once it’s built: the newest appliances, expensive heating and cooling systems, smart home technology and a long list of other trends or gadgets that promise to reduce your energy bills.

The truth is, most modern appliances are already energy efficient.

Do you want to know the real secret to reducing energy use, providing a higher level of comfort to its occupants, and improving the resale value of the house? It starts with how it’s designed and built. 

At Connecticut Valley Homes we have been building energy-efficient homes in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Block Island, and Fishers Island for almost 4o years. As a design-build firm, we take a whole-house systems approach and consider all of the following as we design the home: site conditions, local climate, insulation, lighting and daylighting, space heating and cooling, water heating, windows, doors, and skylights. The orientation of the home, as well as its shape and size will also influence the heating and cooling requirements.

With us, energy efficiency is not an upgrade. 

It’s how we build your home. How do we do it? We start inside. Our homes are built off-site in an indoor, factory-controlled environment. Homes built outdoors, on-site, tend to absorb moisture. As the home dries and moisture gets released, gaps and cracks start to appear. These cracks allow the cold air in and hot air out during the colder seasons and vice versa during the warmer months.

Our homes are built to save and maximize energy. 

Modular construction results in a tighter building envelope and the insulation package we include in each home means greater energy efficiency and savings for the homeowner. By using offsite construction we can quickly replace an old, inefficient building with a highly energy-efficient home custom-designed to maximize natural light and ventilation.

Added benefits of modular construction include improved building durability, especially in unpredictable weather, reduced utility and maintenance costs, reduced noise and improved comfort and quality of living.

Connecticut Valley Homes:  Building Energy Efficient Homes in Rhode Island and Connecticut Since 1981

If you would like to learn more about building energy-efficient homes, please give us a call at 860-739-6913 or visit one of our three locations. Learn more at www.CTValleyHomes.com.

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