So Many Floor Plans With So Many Options!

July 19, 2022

So Many Floor Plans With So Many Options!

When speaking with clients for the first time, the inquiry we often hear is, "am I able to modify your plans?". If you're wondering how to have a new home designed for your family's needs and building lot, you're not alone. Below are the answers to frequently asked questions from clients looking to design and build their dream home.

  • Q: Can I change or modify a pre-designed plan from your website?

    A: We welcome and encourage changes because everyone is building for different reasons and needs. Clients dream of their new home without being limited to a pre-designed floor plan, and we offer a wide variety of floor plans and home styles on our website. Our award-winning team has designed and built over 1,700 homes, and you will be happy to know there is no additional fee to custom design or modify any plan.
  • Q: I have looked at your pre-designed plans and don't see what I want. Can you design something that looks completely different from anything on your website?

    A: Absolutely. We have been designing new homes for over 40 years. We focus on creating a plan for each customer that embraces their needs; whether there is a unique requirement or a challenging building site, we will create the perfect plan for you. We routinely hear from customers that their home is a pleasure to live in and how grateful they are for the knowledge and guidance they received from the Connecticut Valley Homes Design Team. Custom home design and blueprints are also included in the investment in your new home.
  • Q: I know exactly what I want and have designed my own plans. Would you be able to use my design?

    A: Yes, we can use your plans as a starting point for a modular design, as long as you own the rights to them. We can also look over and offer suggestions on what you provide. Some modifications may be needed to adapt the design to our modular construction process.

At Connecticut Valley Homes, we believe in offering high-quality service, value, and peace of mind. We know that you will have questions, and we welcome them. If you would like to discuss the custom design of your new home, please let us know, and we will be happy to help you.

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