Should You Start The Building Process Now?

July 15, 2021

Should You Start The Building Process Now?

You may be wondering if it is the right time to consider building your dream home. There has been so much in the recent news about building material costs spiraling upwards, then some downward movement, along with labor and material shortages. Interest rates are forecasted to start rising, but will they and when? Who can make sense of all that much less, make any plans? We can help by discussing those issues and explaining how our off-site stick built™ process can be beneficial to anyone planning to build.

  • The building process

    Our extensive history, level of experience, and long-term commitment to customer service have allowed us to master the home building process. During the Design Phase, we work with you to understand your dream and guide you to make it work within your budget. In the Permit Phase, our talented color meeting expert will guide you through the interior and exterior selections process, all in the comfort of our Connecticut Valley Homes Design Center. Your custom home is “built to order” during the Construction Phase. Enjoy the excitement as your home is swiftly and skillfully constructed in an indoor, controlled environment. The final stage, the Finishing Stage, is when your custom home is set on your foundation, and all the finishing touches are completed.
  • Why meeting with us now can benefit you

    Many of our clients wished they had allocated more time to the design and paperwork phase (banking, permits, etc.) necessary before actual construction can begin. 2022 seems like a long time away, but it is actually right around the corner for those planning to build. The design and planning stage is fun and exciting, but it does take time. If you start the design process now, you can pause at any time, or be living in your new home next year!

Wondering if now is a good time to build? Our experienced team at Connecticut Valley Homes is here to help you with that question and more. Our construction process is organized, easy, and satisfying. Speak with an experienced and knowledgeable team member about designing and building your eco-friendly, energy-saving dream home.

In order to serve you better, we are open Monday through Saturday by appointment only. Please call to schedule a Zoom, phone call, or in-person meeting and find out why over 1700+ families chose us to build their dream home.