Have Questions About Design Trends?

August 5, 2022

Have Questions About Design Trends?

Creating beautiful, custom-built dream homes starts with getting to know our customer's preferences. We offer our clients top-notch design service with our Design Center Consultant's one-on-one guidance. Our team has built over 1,700 homes, and you will not only create a home perfectly suited to your taste and budget but one that will remain stylish for years to come. Read on for our design team's picks for trends you will love!

  • Uniqueness In Every Space

    Uniqueness In Every Space

    The kitchen is now the home's centerpiece, so you need a stunning and functional space that will stand the test of time—a timeless, classic design with natural hues and comfortable features that will go the distance. We are also seeing high interest in open shelving instead of cabinets, which makes any room appear bigger while creating a cozy charm. Add shelving to your laundry room to hold baskets for a stylish touch!

  • Customized To Fit Your Style

    Customized To Fit Your Style

    Your dream home is about you and your preferences, and you can rely on our design team to create that unique space personalized just for you. Try incorporating textures and materials you love or mixing and matching your favorite colors, making your space feel inviting and comforting. Doing so makes this area perfect for socializing and entertaining, and it's sure to become a conversation starter!

  • A Timeless Color Makes A Splash!

    A Timeless Color Makes A Splash!

    Once you move into your home, you have endless possibilities for design colors, providing versatility over time. For example, try elevating your living room or bathroom by adding a splash of navy blue. It is the go-to color for our clients looking for coastal designs. However, it also pairs well with popular neutral color schemes.

Our award-winning design team can help you create a captivating and stylish space of your own. If you would like to discuss the custom design of your new home, please let us know, and we will be happy to help you.


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