Go Green, Go Modular, Go Amazing!

April 11, 2022

Go Green, Go Modular, Go Amazing!

We offer our customers an extremely efficient, eco-friendly, environmentally sustainable way to build a new dream home and have for over forty years. Here at Connecticut Valley Homes, we value making the world a better and more nurturing place to live. As a result, our modular home-building process benefits both our clients and the planet.

  • Minimize Waste and Maximize Efficiency

    We build new homes exclusively using off-site construction methods, providing tremendous value to our clients. Our homes are built in a factory setting, reducing the number of construction vehicles and material deliveries and significantly limiting your building site and neighborhood disturbances. The modular construction process maximizes purchasing power for building materials and utilizes waste to energy practices. Non-useable building materials such as lumber scraps, cardboard, and wood pallets are used as fuel to heat the factory and are reduced by up to 90% - which means far less waste in landfills. In addition, we offer WaterSense low-flow faucets and toilets. Imagine using your water and knowing you're not only saving money and energy but helping the environment!
  • With Us, Sustainability and Energy Savings Are Not An Upgrade

    Modular construction allows for a tighter building envelope with less air infiltration allowing Connecticut Valley Homes to pass on the energy efficiency and savings on to you. We offer high-quality, sustainably sourced materials like CAMBRIA® Quartz countertop, made exclusively in the USA. These countertops are responsibly mined from crushed stone, then formed into a slab that is stronger and more resistant to bacteria than natural stone. In addition, we use AZEK® decking that is durable, low-maintenance, and made from recycled materials. As a result, Connecticut Valley homes are better for the families living there.
  • Improved Quality of Living and Lower Carbon Footprint

    One of the top reasons clients choose us to be their builder is because we use environmentally safe and efficient construction methods. Construction materials are stored indoors and protected from damaging weather conditions. Building materials start dry and stay dry, preventing mold and mildew issues. After leaving the controlled factory environment, our modular homes are weather-tight within 24 hours after being placed on the foundation. In addition, we offer low VOC flooring to limit chemicals released into your home and improve air quality. And, if you own an electric vehicle or see one in your future, we can wire for a charging station or two leading to miles of memories for years to come.

At Connecticut Valley Homes, we are here to serve our clients today and tomorrow, building energy-efficient homes designed to make the world a little better. We invite you to visit our website at www.ctvalleyhomes.com to learn more about us and our process. Then, speak with one of our new home construction professionals who can answer all of your questions about designing and building your eco-friendly dream home.

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