Flex Space: The New Dream Home "Must Have"

October 1, 2021

Flex Space: The New Dream Home "Must Have"

One of our clients' most popular requests is incorporating a flex space or bonus area into their new dream home. This space can be either an area designated as a specialty space that fits your lifestyle or an entire room. One of the many benefits of flex space is adapting it to fit your changing needs and interests, without increasing the overall square footage of your home. The Connecticut Valley Homes team has built hundreds of homes that include this type of space, and we are excited to work with you to create yours!

What Can You Do With a Flex Space?

There are a plethora of uses for flex space within your new home. Most people know that being active is part of a healthy lifestyle. Not just for your body but also your mind, ultimately leading to higher productivity. A valuable and often overlooked option for that flex space in your home is a gym. Having your own setup is extremely practical for those with a hectic schedule or those looking for more privacy. There is no commute, fewer germs, and no lines! Our customers report that having a home gym is a game-changer for them. When access to exercise is easy, it is easy to exercise.

Needs Change Over Time. We Help You Plan For Now And Your Future

Flex space is essential in a new home because the requirements of families change over time. What your family needs right now isn’t necessarily what is needed in five or even ten years. Having bonus space is crucial because it allows you to do more with the space you already have. When you have an adaptable area, it’s easier to ensure everyone gets what they need—whether it’s a quiet place to study or work, a playroom, or a hobby room. Our custom-designed floor plans embrace your current lifestyle plus plan for future needs.

Grab A Blanket And Some Popcorn!

Have you ever dreamed of having a home theater in your home? It's more attainable than you think. You can easily transform that bonus area into a theater setting by adding some comfy couches, a projector, and of course, a popcorn machine. This newly created space will provide the opportunity to create lifelong memories with your family and friends!

Connecticut Valley Homes understands the ever-changing needs and wishes of our clients. With over 1,600 homes built, many of those with flex spaces or bonus rooms, our team has the knowledge to help create this area within your new dream home. Speak with an experienced team member to learn more about making your vision a reality.

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