The Timeless Trends of Healthy Living and Wellness

July 17, 2020

The Timeless Trends of Healthy Living and Wellness

Did you know that the elements of health, architecture and design have been converging since ancient times? Grid-patterned cities and public parks were part of a movement to improve health and well-being. After that came a huge push to design buildings and outdoor areas that brought in fresh air and sunlight. Here are a few examples of lasting trends you will likely find in your home today and in the future. Classic, shiny, and easy-to-clean white subway tile with thin grout lines became a design trend right after the Spanish flu. Ubiquitous and versatile, the many shapes of white and light colored tile is a great example of how form has followed function over the years.

Sleeping porches became popular during the tuberculosis epidemic of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Screened in porches showcase the versatility of adaptable space. Home office? Doggy daycare? Personal fitness or meditation studio? A three-season room can be your ticket to well-being on your own or with a friend joining you from the patio.

Other examples of emerging trends that support good health? Touch-less key pads and faucets, easy-to-clean surfaces and drop zones for outside deliveries. And looking for easy ways to protect your mental well-being when designing a new home? Add enough electrical outlets or USB ports for everyone and consider some additional soundproofing ...

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