Easy Ways to Inspire Productivity in Your Home Office

August 28, 2020

Easy Ways to Inspire Productivity in Your Home Office

Many successful businesses have been born in the humblest of locations. Whether the concept is created and tested in the garage or takes flight from the kitchen table, as Steve Jobs Co-Founder of Apple Inc said “If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.” He along with others like Mary Kay, Jeff Bezos, even Walt Disney took their passion, found a little privacy in the corner of their home and followed their dreams. If your at-home work space could use some visual improvements, here are some easy ways to inspire your next great idea.

Natural lighting can help you feel more focused and calm. If additional lighting is needed, invest in good quality lighting that illuminates the room and your work area. If you participate in video conferences think about the direction and source of the light. If it is behind your head or off to the side from your video camera it may cause harsh shadows. When on a video call, raise your camera source to eye level with soft lighting coming from in front of you. The camera at eye level will put less strain on your neck and if you are facing an outside window the lighting is hugely improved and will boost your mood as well. If using a laptop for video chats a wireless keyboard and mouse will allow you to comfortably navigate the screen.

Comfort and Flexibility
The ideal office chair is comfortable and prevents any strain and injury while encouraging good posture. The desired seat height will depend on your own height so look for a chair that is easy to adjust and can provide you with optimal, balanced support for your lower back.
One solution to sitting all day is to get a standing desk. A standing desk often has all the features of a traditional desk, such as keyword drawer and monitor stand, but it’s at a height that has you standing to work. An adjustable desk-top stand, which allows you to work sitting or standing, could provide both options to mix up your day.

Consider the ventilation aspect of your office design carefully when you're choosing the spot for your home office. Many people overlook the importance of ventilation in office design, but you and your office equipment both need it. The more office equipment you have operating, the more heat will be generated. Access to an exterior door or window enables the flow of fresh air. A quiet desktop fan will circulate the air if natural ventilation isn’t a solution.
While many great companies started in a garage, anyone who's passionate about an idea can start—and grow—that idea anywhere, as long as they have a little privacy and room to envision greatness. If you are looking to build a new home that inspires great ideas and amazing memories, our experienced team will design a floor plan that fits your building site and reflects your needs and lifestyle. For more information about building a new home to live in, love, and work from, contact us here.

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