FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered by Richard Wildermuth,
President of Connecticut Valley Homes

Richard Wildermuth

Q: You used to be a so-called “stick-builder”, what made you change?

A: Yes, I was, for the better part of 10 years, and during that time I struggled constantly for control over the building process: control over the cost, the time, and the quality. As I look back, I was seldom satisfied on all fronts.

Q: So how does using modular methods solve that problem?

A: First, as much as 90% of the work is done in the factory, which leaves very little to the vagaries of the working conditions at the site. Second, we get a fixed quote from the manufacturer that assures us what our costs are so we can pass on that assurance to you.

You gain control of the timing because once you place an order with us you get a fixed delivery date and the little work that remains after that is very predictable. Besides, we have taken the unpredictability of the weather virtually out of the picture. And last, you get control of the quality because the assembly process in a climate-controlled factory is very consistent.

Q: Do I have to own my land before I can begin planning or building my home

A: Most customers do already own land, or are in the process of looking for land, prior to meeting with us. However, since we offer a free one-hour consultation, it may make sense for you to speak with a Home Building Consultant even if you haven't started looking for land yet, to learn more about the benefits of modular construction.

Q: Will your team visit my site to give me feedback on my building project?

A: Of course! Site meetings can cover such things as home orientation to increase indoor comfort, reduce heating and cooling expenses, maximize views, identify potential for a walk out basement and ideal garage location. Typically, customers come in first for their free one-hour consultation and almost all customers want to schedule a lot inspection after this initial fact finding meeting.

Q: How much will my home cost?

A: Our customers routinely tell us that either we saved them money or that they were able to build a better home for the same price as a stick builder. Modular construction is a very efficient way to build. We'll be happy to schedule time to discuss your dreams, your needs and your budget as you begin the process of building your new home.

Q: What is site work and who does it?

A: Site work is typically everything that is not part of the physical structure of the house itself. This includes grading and excavation, foundation, septic, utilities, driveways, etc. We will either arrange to have all of the site work done for you by one of our proven site work contractors, or you can do some or all of it yourself. Our Customers have found either method easy and very cost effective.

Q: Do you finance?

A: For years, we have worked with several preferred lenders who specialize in construction financing and very good service. We would be happy to put you in touch with them.

Q: How long will it take to build my new home?

A: Modular construction is a terrific fit for customers who are already busy with family, work, life, etc. While the excavation and foundation is completed on site, your custom home is being built in the factory. Contact one of our Home Building Consultants to find out more about the substantial time savings our modular methods can offer your family.

Catherine Taylor Designer Logo

Q: Who designs your floor plans?

A: CT Valley Homes Founder, Catherine Taylor, is the designer and routinely receives compliments and thanks from customers. Her plans are both fresh and enduring and focus on quality of life … beautiful spaces, great traffic flow and lots of storage. Catherine has extensive design experience and focuses on great design that stays on budget. She can also offer assistance if you already have a floor plan you like or prefer to work with an architect.

Q: How do we select all of the features and finishing touches for our new home?

A: This is the best part of the process for most of our customers because we have made it fun, not overwhelming. All of the selections required to personalize your home can be made in our comfortable Design Center with the assistance of our colors and features expert. No running around to select flooring, cabinets, plumbing fixtures or lighting; we offer stress free, convenient and time saving one-stop shopping!

Q: We'd like an energy efficient home and may use alternative power sources like solar or geothermal. Can you help?

A: Connecticut Valley Homes offers excellent energy specifications as a standard feature. If you want additional green or energy saving features, including alternative power sources, we would be happy to discuss that with you.

Q: Is there a warranty? How do I know you will take care of any issues that may come up?

A: In addition to all of the individual product warranties for the brand name materials in the home, we also include a 10-year warranty. And, before you move in, we select a date for our one year check up. We'll come back to make any final adjustments to make sure both you and your home have settled accordingly! Most of our business comes from referrals and your satisfaction is very important to us.

Q: Why should I build a modular home with CVH?

A: We're glad you asked! We've been in business over 34 years, we have built over 1550+homes, and we have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. For even more reasons why you should select us to build your custom modular home, click here...