Why Build With CT Valley Homes

Environmental Stewardship

Connecticut Valley Homes believes in sustainable construction practices and environmental stewardship.  For over thirty years, we have been building inherently green modular homes.  Richard Wildermuth, President of Connecticut Valley Homes, was in the first graduating class of the National Association of Homebuilder’s “Green Building for Professionals.”  As a Certified Green Professional, he believes in building well crafted, energy efficient homes. 

We find that our customers are pleased to know that most of our homes are Energy Star Ready, based on our standard material specifications and our highly efficient construction methods. These are some of the advantages found in every custom modular home proudly built by Connecticut Valley Homes: 

Energy Efficiency

  • Modular homes are engineered to a higher standard of strength than site built homes because they need to be transported to the building lot, lifted by a crane and set on the foundation.
  • This results in a tighter, more completely sealed building envelope, which transfers into heating and cooling savings for the homeowner.
  • Our standard features include an excellent insulation package, for even greater energy efficiency.
  • Walls are filled with perfectly sized insulation.  Gaps around electrical boxes, switches, water supply lines, plumbing waste lines, dryer vents and oven vents are all sealed prior to leaving the factory.    

Resource Conservation

  • We can quickly replace an old inefficient building with a highly energy efficient custom home with less disruption to the home site.
  • We use long-lasting, energy-saving windows and doors, which keeps temperature and air quality at a stable level, and requires less from heating and cooling systems.

Improved Quality of Living

  • Our sealed building envelope prevents drafts through windows and walls limiting the presence of allergens and dust. 
  • Materials are safely stored and homes constructed indoors; unlike site built homes where supplies and framing are exposed to weather which can lead to mold or mildew issues. 
  • Increased insulation and factory construction methods reduce noise pollution providing a quiet, serene living space.   

Reduced Carbon Footprint

  • Our construction process maximizes the use of construction materials means far less waste in landfills.  
  • Reduced onsite construction time means less disturbance to the building site.  Fewer material deliveries, construction vehicles and less disruption to the surrounding neighborhood than with a site built home. 

Our responsibly built, efficient homes are crafted to last, promote sustainability and improve value for resale. When you build a custom modular home with Connecticut Valley Homes, you are investing in a home that is built for today and for tomorrow.  If you wish to build an even greener home, we can help.  Just let us know which features are important to you.