What We Do

What We Do

We build beautiful homes throughout Connecticut and Rhode Island, plus Block Island and Fishers Island, each with the same goal in mind: making the dream easy and pleasant from inception to completion, and well beyond. Guiding customers through the building process is the responsibility of the honest professionals at Connecticut Valley Homes, and this dedicated team has a proven record of delivering homes on time and on budget.

To build truly great homes, we feel it’s crucial to start each project by really listening to our customers. Learning about their style, how they live, their family, and their budget. Earning our customer’s trust, then presenting them ideas that make sense for their lifestyle and their budget.

We are home designers and building professionals. We are an experienced coastal builder, with hundreds of homes in coastal and high wind zone areas. Coastal building codes are stringent and complex, and for over 34 years we have been managing these rigorous, evolving building requirements, along with complicated codes and regulations, which benefits our inland customers too. We are used to difficult lots, small building sites, and everything in between. Our expertise includes tearing down an existing structure to rebuild a new custom home either on the existing foundation or with an expanded footprint. Home design services are included with each unique situation and each home is built to your specific needs, building site, and budget.

Our homes are highly energy efficient and designed specifically for each client. Our custom homes range from cozy cottages to exclusive estates. Regardless of price, every one of our homes has much in common: extensive pre-planning, meticulous quality control, exacting attention to detail, careful cost control, and superior after-sale service.

We invite you to experience The Smart Way to Build™ a new home. If you have questions, or would like to learn more, we’re here to help.

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