Over 1550+ Satisfied Customers Have
Selected Us to Build Their Modular Home

Testimonial from ~ The LoGioco's

"Connecticut Valley has been terrific; attentive to our endless requests and very supportive. Dan's thoroughness and attention to detail has exceeded our expectations and he has made every effort to ensure Pam and I are happy. We love our new home and have recommended you to friends."

~ The LoGioco's

Testimonial from ~ The Pu / Yu Family

"I used Connecticut Valley Homes as my builder. Connecticut Valley Homes is a respectful homebuilder that cherishes its reputation. It has a long building history which is rare in the tough building industry. It expanded during and after the 2008 financial crisis. The best things I like about the company are that it cares very much of customers' needs and it will always come up with solutions to make the project move smoothly. The firm is credible and knows what it's doing. It has good relationship with qualified subcontractors and is able to manage them well. I highly recommend partnering with CVH on your project."

~ The Pu / Yu Family

Testimonial from ~ Anthony and Madeline Previti

“Our new home has exceeded our expectations due to the professionalism and “white glove” treatment we enjoyed while dealing with Connecticut Valley Homes.

This was to be our retirement home and we were looking for the best value. We had invested three years researching builders in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts areas. We spent weekends visiting showrooms or model homes, and talking to salesmen. We conducted internet searches and accumulated information about various modular home companies and stick builders in the Westerly, Rhode Island area.

Connecticut Valley Homes clearly became our final choice because of its high quality and value compared to competitors.

Commitment to their clients and pride in the quality of their work seem to be the cultivated work climate in the Connecticut Valley Homes and the factory team.

Hurray for a job well done! We will continue to recommend Connecticut Valley Homes to friends and acquaintances who are considering an addition or construction of a new home.”

~ Anthony and Madeline Previti

Testimonial from ~ The Fredriksen Family

“Connecticut Valley built a home for my uncle. He knew it was important to us to be able to build the size home we needed, and to work with a builder we could trust. When we needed more space for our family he suggested visiting Connecticut Valley. It was very helpful to view the models and see the quality first hand.

  Connecticut Valley made the building process easy and even returned after one year to make sure everything was okay. We absolutely love our new home and know we made the right decision when we chose Connecticut Valley Homes.”

~ The Fredriksen Family

Testimonial from ~ Steve and Gail Ruhnke

"Bob, Walt and Harry were fabulous and I can't say enough positive comments about them. Whatever we needed, they did their best to accommodate us. Cathy was great to work with during the planning stage and the factory set crew was also terrific. We love our home and welcome CVH to take photos."

~ Steve and Gail Ruhnke

Testimonial from ~ The McDonald Family

"Connecticut Valley Homes was amazing… from the design center to the crane operator, everyone made the building of our new home a total joy."

~ The McDonald Family

Testimonial from ~ Susan and Ed Guttmann

FEMA requirements were challenging on our small building lot and we appreciated all the guidance and suggestions we received. As a woman who was on the site daily working on my decorating projects, the site workers were always respectful, polite and helpful. If I suggested something or told them something needed to be done, it wasn't an issue to hear it from me. They all joked about my window with the list of things to be taken care of. Everyone at this company has gone above and beyond to make our home perfect.

~ Susan and Ed Guttmann

Testimonial from ~ Kevin and Jill Aspinwall

“Our home was built on a beautiful, but difficult site. Richard Wildermuth (“Will”) from Connecticut Valley Homes was a tremendous help. His depth of experience allowed him to make recommendations that made the entire building process easier and more efficient. In addition, we received expert advice and very helpful suggestions that improved our floor plan.
We got quotes from other builders. Connecticut Valley was not the least expensive … but they were the most accurate. They were the only builder that was right on with the budget forecasting. “Will” was very professional every step of the way. We love our home and would highly recommend Connecticut Valley.”

~ Kevin and Jill Aspinwall

Testimonial from ~ The Francis Family

“When our family needed to relocate fast, Connecticut Valley Homes was immediately there for us every step of the way. We had our new home ready within months!”

~ The Francis Family

Testimonial from ~ The Coles Family

"Why build versus buy 'used'?

We started looking for a house to buy and were immediately depressed by the fact that our budget would only allow us to buy a house that 1) would be a compromise on our layout and design ideals and 2) would require tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars of investments over the next 5 years to maintain and moderately improve. We decided to contact Connecticut Valley Homes (CVH) about the cost of a modular home and found we could have a brand new home for the equivalent of purchasing a used 'money pit' (note - land price to build a new home was a big factor for this project and we were fortunate enough to find a reasonably priced piece of land).

Why modular and Connecticut Valley Homes?

If you have any preconceptions about a modular house being cookie cutter, forget them. Through Connecticut Valley Homes (CVH) we were able to design a completely custom home with all the benefits of the modular construction process and professional expertise of CVH.

  • We needed to have a known cost. With CVH you start with a base price and can then upgrade from there. What I appreciated about CVH is that their base price products are not bottom of the line but good quality mid-range products. You then go through a color and product selection process where you can choose from a range of included products or decide to upgrade. This process was made very manageable by visiting their East Lyme design center where you can see model homes and the options available. You are provided detailed cost updates throughout the process so you know exactly what the costs would be.
  • We needed to have a predictable move in date. We couldn't risk the potential delays of traditional stick built e.g weather related. CVH commits to a house delivery window upon signing-off on the final paper work and then an on-site finishing schedule. From our first meeting with CVH to moving into the house was 1 year. It could have been shorter, but there was an extended period of time getting permits due to wetland considerations on our property.

Other considerations with Connecticut Valley Homes:

  • CVH have a team of on-staff experienced professionals to help you through the process, from design, working with the bank and on-site finishing. In particular, working with Dave Cooper out of their Fairfield CT office was a great experience. He was our primary point of contact and was there to guide us through the entire process, responsive to communications and very personable.
  • CVH connected us with a great general contractor who they work with on a regular basis, resulting in a seamless coordination between all the site work needs (septic, foundation, well etc.) and the house delivery and finishing needs.
  • CVH are committed to making sure you are satisfied with the final product. There were a few items that needed modifying or fixing once the house was delivered. CVH took care of it all. Furthermore, CVH comes back a year after the house was finished to do fix-up work for items that may need attention.

We are now happily living in our brand new modular home."

~ The Coles Family

Testimonial from ~ Robert and Wendy Marcucilli

“We have builders in the family. When it came down to it, they said modular was the only way to go. Our retirement home is simply a better built, more cost effective home designed for our needs.”

~ Robert and Wendy Marcucilli

Testimonial from ~ Wesley and Jill Blaney

“Our home needed to be wheelchair accessible. Therefore, we wanted a home with custom designed amenities for easy access. All of our needs were met on time and within our budget. Connecticut Valley Homes was fantastic!”

~ Wesley and Jill Blaney

“We liked the staffs ability and willingness to be helpful and friendly throughout the entire experience. Our needs were a little unique and at times difficult but, that did not inhibit the staff from bending over backwards for us. We are truly thankful for you helping us make our dreams come true.”

~ Curt Floyd and Donna Cristadore

“Many thanks for taking the time to help out with a troublesome screen door years after construction. My neighbors are impressed, as am I. If there is ever a house number two, I´ll be at your door.”

~ Susanne Fusconi

“Our overall experience with CVH was very pleasant. We found you to be very helpful and trustworthy. People who visit our home are very impressed with the quality.

We liked the ability to customize. Also, the add and subtract method for figuring out the cost of the changes. We also liked the accuracy of all the changes we made. We were expecting that a lot of the changes would get messed up but, we were wrong. We got exactly what we ordered. I also liked the trip to Pennsylvania to visit the construction facility.”

~ Anthony and Rhea Bargnesi

“Thanks for all your help during the planning and building process and also for the great follow-up. We are enjoying our home.”

~ Sandra and Tony Biaceglio

“I was very pleased with the entire experience. I have recommended Connecticut Valley to others. My contractors that have worked on other modulars say that Connecticut Valley is the best.”

~ Ann Cromarty

Connecticut Valley Homes was recommended highly by friends when we decided to downsize our home. We appreciated the friendliness and “no pressure” attitude of our new home consultant. Each of the CVH staff was very helpful and never rushed us with decisions, especially in the areas where we wanted changes. The general contractor gave efficient supervision from the razing of the former house, making a new foundation to the final arrival of OUR NEW HOME just as it was promised. After the first year, CVH has a final inspection and minor issues were corrected.

We have lived in our home for two years and truly enjoy it. We have fond memories of the professional and caring people at CVH who made this transition not “just a business deal” but rather a sense of providing good service for a home of our design. For this, we would certainly recommend CVH.

~ Frank and Joan Burchell

"CVH were both friendly and professional from the first meeting up to today, three years after the project was completed. Their knowledge and flexibility in ensuring we received the product we wanted was first rate. The workmanship and service was more than anyone could ask for. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to build a new home."

~ Bob and Aileen Flath

“The things we liked best about Connecticut Valley Homes was the price, delivery time, fairness in dealing with problems, and our home consultant. I can´t say enough about our home consultant and how wonderful it was to work with her. We do love our home, and would definitely and have already recommended Connecticut Valley Homes.”

~ James and Grace Raffio

“Building a house with no experience could be a nightmare, but it turned out to be an enjoyable experience with the help from Connecticut Valley staff. When our home was delivered, it was finished diligently in record time. Every person we came in contact with in finishing our home was knowledgeable in their specific area. Many of the outside contractors that have worked on our home have remarked that they have not seen a quality modular home as this one. Connecticut Valley offers a home that is truly one of a kind. We cannot say enough about the true customer satisfaction that we received.”

~ Michael and Lorna Gallagher

“We are so excited about the house. People can´t believe that it´s a modular home. A modular home with Connecticut Valley Homes is the way to go, you have all the expertise and know the most recent products. We so appreciate all of your guidance.”

~ Scott and Ardi Schneider

“Thank you. We enjoyed every step in building our home. Connecticut Valley Homes´ professionalism and attention to detail (which we love) made our building experience one to enjoy and to remember.”

~ John and Brenda Kollmer

“I want to thank Connecticut Valley Homes for a job well done. Everything in the house is just as you promised it would be and I´ve gotten many compliments on the quality. I´m very happy with my house and would definitely recommend Connecticut Valley Homes to my family and friends.”

~ Scott Cameron

“Connecticut Valley Homes has a very qualified and professional staff. The quality of our home was the one single thing that pleased us the most. The ability to design the interior however we wanted verses having a fixed set of plans was also very pleasing. We were also impressed with the “callbacks”. Connecticut Valley Homes replaced cabinet parts that had very small scratches that we had not even noticed. We are very happy with our new home, thank you all very much.”

~ John and Nancy Allen

“On time with delivery, set-up men were excellent; everything was done when they said it would be. Quality home. Very pleased! ”

~ Dana and Marsha Rockwell

“This is our second home from Connecticut Valley Homes and the service was excellent. Our questions were answered very clearly. We would definitely recommend you to our friends.”

~ Vincent and Mary Petrella

“Can it possibly be a year since we were crossing the T´s, dotting the I´s and rechecking the plan for the last time on our house? Thank you for all of the time you spent on the plans and design, because it is a Great House! We love the house and find it very comfortable. We would do the whole process over again, but only with Connecticut Valley Homes!”

~ Ron and Mary Anderson

“We are writing this letter to let you know how wonderful our experience with your company has been, and how excited we are with our new home.
Before we had delivery of the house, my husband spoke with one of your other customers in Jamestown, and he asked if there were any problems we were to watch for. We were told there were none; you stood by your work and promptly fixed any problems. We could not have found that to be more true! Our house is exactly the way we want it and we could not be more pleased with the job and would recommend your company to anyone.”

~ Pat and Jim Perry

“The Quality of craftsmanship, the excellent staff that has been so helpful, and the willingness and ability to customize to our own needs. The entire process was wonderful. ”

~ Dale and Carole Glenn

“Anyone who sees our home cannot believe that it is modular until we show them the pictures of it being set. The house is so well insulated that the woodstove is supplying almost all of our heat.”

~ Jerry and Marianne Frichette

“We have enjoyed our home and have had many compliments on the quality. We have already recommended Connecticut Valley Homes to some of our friends and we will definitely recommend them in the future.”

~ Barry and Jean Davis

“I purposely waited to write and thank you for making my dreams come true. I love our beautiful home! But, most of all I wanted to thank you for standing behind the guarantee of coming back a year after our house is set on the foundation. We would not hesitate to give your name to anyone. All of the people involved with your company were wonderful to work with. We are so thankful we chose you!”

~ Sebastian and Linda Pandolfo

“What was best about working with Connecticut Valley Homes was working with a knowledgeable and professional staff in the planning of our home and the ease of material selection. We definitely will recommend Connecticut Valley Homes to our friends.”

~ John and Sylvia Schmitt

“Our Home Consultant was wonderful. We (the town of Bethany) put him through a lot, but he hung in there with us always with a smile. Connecticut Valley Homes came back and fixed some things that needed repair when they weren´t even scheduled to. We would definitely recommend your company to our friends.”

~ Grant and Tracy Johnson

“From start to finish Connecticut Valley Homes was an A-1 operation. During the first few months in our home, several things needed repair or adjustment. We were truly the envy of our friends who had contracted for stick-built homes when the Connecticut Valley truck would appear in our yard on the day and time we had scheduled the appointment! They had moved into their homes and then been left to fend for themselves. Neighbors, relatives and friends were amazed at the beauty and quality of our home. We have been complimented on every aspect of our own home and I believe that we owe those compliments to the dedicated and professional staff at Connecticut Valley Homes. It is amazing to move into a house and say “just perfect!”, yet this is exactly how we feel.”

~ Tom and Mary Lynn Sacerdote

“Bob and I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all your effort in building our new home. Everyone at CVH was always extremely helpful and available at all times to assist us in our decision making and, most importantly, always pleasant, polite, and very accommodating to any of our requests, questions, and suggestions. Having been forewarned by family and friends of the perils of building a new home, we were surprised and very pleased to find that all of our dealings and interactions with Connecticut Valley Homes proved to be a very positive and rewarding experience. As you know, we have highly recommended Connecticut Valley Homes to several neighbors and friends and will continue to do so in the future.”

~ Bob and Carol Miller

“Everyone on the Connecticut Valley Homes staff was a pleasure to work with. All of you made the whole process enjoyable. Thank you!”

~ James and Frances DeMello

“At Connecticut Valley Homes you get a great quality house for a fair price. We have already recommended Connecticut Valley Homes to our friends and family.”

~ Stephen and Karen Souza

“It is with a sincere heart that I send this note thanking all of you who have worked on our new home. The quality, timeliness, and professionalism of all involved warrants an outstanding reward of excellence. Several times recently I have been aware of other modular construction projects and, honestly stating my opinion, CVH is the best. Bar none.
The most important facet of this excellence is CVH´s sensitivity and warm personal attention to our needs. If something wasn´t quite right, no matter how minute the detail you were right there.
So in closing, thanks again. You folks are the best and are truly recognized and acknowledged as such whenever the topic of modular homes comes up.”

~ David S. Miller

“We are extremely pleased to report our home is all that we had hoped for. The service we received from the family at Connecticut Valley Homes was exceptional and professional. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to creating our home.
We highly recommend anyone considering building a new home view the models on site to see how much more their money can buy conducting business with Connecticut Valley Homes. Our home is well constructed with a guarantee of quality equal to or better than their model homes. This is a feature that should never be underestimated. We sincerely appreciate everyone's guidance, patience, and support during the construction of our home.”

~ Roy and Linda Kiggans

“Thank you for the opportunity to let us give our opinion about Connecticut Valley Homes. Our new home is everything we could ask for. Our Home Consultant was outstanding on the prep work for our home, he was understanding and very helpful on the development. The delivery and set crew are the best, they worked very late into the night to make sure they had everything buttoned up. We have recommended Connecticut Valley Homes to many and feel our home was built to our satisfaction.”

~ John and Sue Ann Lyon

“We have been extremely pleased with the quality, service, and professionalism that you and your team have provided to us since deciding to build a CVH home. The quality of construction has been excellent. We still watch houses being built in this area with the builders taking as many shortcuts as possible and then seeing the owners suffer with several problems due to these shortcuts. We often wonder what we would have gotten if we didn´t go to CVH. The answer is most likely a lot of unnecessary headaches. We have never regretted our decision to build a modular home. And to think we have you to thank for helping us make this decision.

We have been extremely pleased with the service that CVH provides after the house is completed. If a problem occurs, your organization responds quickly with superior professionalism to correct the problem.

We would like to express our deepest thanks for all that you have done in helping us realize one of our dreams. Thank you for everything!”

~ Albert and Ethel Armstrong

“Your willingness to work hand in hand with me has let me be successful in obtaining my goals in a very suitable time frame. Your professionalism in handling every aspect from design to completion is outstanding and should be complimented.”

~ James Andruskiewicz

“Thank you for all your help and patience while we were making decisions and waiting for everything to go through. You were very kind and understanding. Our home is everything we hoped for and more. We did look at quite a few different companies before we came to CVH. Nothing even came close when comparing with the quality and service of CVH. Thank you CVH for caring enough to build homes that people can take pride in and for treating us like people and not just customers. You really care.”

~ John and Sheri Olsen

“You and your company have done a first class job from the first day that we walked in to the last nail that was used. The crews were very fast and proficient. The architecture and designing departments were also very patient with all of the changes we made in the basic plans. After looking at six other companies it was hands down CVH.”

~ Ralph, Pat, and Ben Edison

“We appreciate your willingness to work with us on our strange ideas and methods/designs outside of the norm. Candor on pricing was greatly appreciated and always very realistic. We have already recommended you to several of our friends.”

~ Gordon and Elizabeth Jones

“We are finally settled in and are very pleased with our home. We receive many compliments on the house, especially, the big beautiful bump-out windows and lovely extra wide wood trim. Thank you for all your effort.”

~ Heather, Chris, Ashley and Katelyn Van Dyke

“Connecticut Valley Homes was extremely helpful with this process. It can be hectic building a house, you helped make it easier. In hindsight, I can´t think of one thing that I would have done differently. I commend the entire staff at Connecticut Valley Homes. Thank you.”

~ Kristine Smith

“Our home consultant at Connecticut Valley Homes was efficient and quick to call us back with any and all of our questions and concerns. He called us back many times from home on his days off to ensure that we were not left hanging. He has a great, honest, personable way to him that deserves an A++ on all accounts. The day our house was set was exciting. Landing in December we were nervous about the weather conditions but, we lucked out. Although it was chilly, it was sunny and there was no snow. The set crew worked very hard and took the time to ensure the quality of their work was good.”

~ Michael and Kimberly Palmisano

“Four years ago, after a lengthy investigation of several modular home companies, we purchased a Connecticut Valley Home. We were confident that Connecticut Valley Homes had the best quality to offer. As we continued in the process of building that home, we really appreciated your staff. Their professional attitude in answering questions, problem solving and general information helped to make building our dream home that much simpler. We recently experienced an electrical problem. Walter was able to adjust his schedule so that he could come out and check our problem first hand. By the end of the day our problem was solved. We were happy Connecticut Valley Home owners before, but now we are ecstatic!! Thanks for selling a great product and continuing to back it up with terrific service.”

~ Ed and Joan Sears

“Janet and I wanted to express our gratitude to you for the excellent job Connecticut Valley Homes (“CVH”) did in constructing our new home. From beginning to end, CVH was professional, honest, and service-oriented. This is an incredible achievement especially within the home-building industry.
We, being accountants, live for detail and performed a tremendous amount of due diligence before we proceeded in any way with this project. Our choice of CVH was sustained by the continuous accommodation of our concerns both in the field and office and, most importantly, by CVH´s outstanding job.
For most Americans, building a home is probably the biggest investment of time and money that they will ever make. We are extremely grateful that we discovered Connecticut Valley Homes.”

~ Janet and David Lancaster

“We are writing in appreciation to Connecticut Valley Homes for their dedication to the fine workmanship they produce in the homes they build. We built our home this past year and everything was done in a prompt professional manner. In fact, sub-contractors have commented on the workmanship being superior to other builders. Thanks to all of your staff for their patience and help in making our house special.”

~ James and Jeanne Creem

“I am pleased to report that the house remains my “get-away”, and provides wonderful living. I am extremely pleased with the home…it is first quality in every sense, and we have gotten many compliments, even offers to buy though it is not on the market. Both my mother and I love the home, and it truly feels like our home now. I certainly would recommend your company.”

~ Father Gregiore J. Fluet

“The things we liked most about Connecticut Valley Homes were the ability to customize the design, the construction methods, and the quality of the materials used. We have already recommended Connecticut Valley Homes to many of our Friends and family, three of which are already in the design phase.”

~ Michael and Michelle Egan

“All your workers were excellent and I was left feeling we were friends. I can´t think of anything that could have been better. My house is perfect, just the way I wanted it.”

~ Mildred Clark

“We could not be happier with our home. We have been very pleased with the quality of construction and the prompt service that we have received. The energy efficiency is terrific. In the summer, we would close the windows in the morning before we´d leave for work and the house would be 65 degrees. When we´d return home from work, even on those hot days of 90 degrees, the house temperature would only be 72 degrees. Thank you very much for all of your help. We have not hesitated one moment in referring anyone looking for a new house to Connecticut Valley Homes.”

~ Diana and Paul Briganti

“We LOVE this house!!! Our design with Connecticut Valley Homes´ guidance and the quality of the building itself resulted in a home, beautiful both inside and out. Great prompt fix-it service too. Thanks for all.”

~ Jim and Lynne Moden

“The personnel at Connecticut Valley Homes was always willing to help and please me. You have an outstanding group of people.”

~ Judith Lyon

“We are so happy. The people at Connecticut Valley Homes were wonderful! The models are beautiful and gave you a great idea what your home would be like. Very homie!!! ”

~ Brian and Heather Smith

“We´d picked Connecticut Valley Homes through an advertisement I´d seen and were quite impressed with the models on display as well as your knowledge of the product. We´d compared several home companies and found Connecticut Valley Homes far surpassed them all as far as quality went. I can´t say enough about how enjoyable dealing with Connecticut Valley Homes has been for us. The house is beautiful, and we love it! Thanks Connecticut Valley Homes for a quality product that will last a lifetime.“

~ Betty and Henry Lippman

“I don´t know what you could have done better! You were outstanding. You not only listened to us but, you heard and put into action everything we wanted. Thank you so much for having integrity, kindness, and for being so hard working.”

~ Robert and Lorna McLaughlin

“Our home consultant at Connecticut Valley Homes was great! From the time we signed the contract in July it took five months to complete the house, not bad. The house feels solid and safe. Having spoken with many friends who have built houses, most have been amazed at how fast we moved in. Overall we have been very pleased.”

~ Justin and Eva Gallant

“Our Home Consultant at Connecticut Valley Homes was wonderful to work with. She really knew her stuff and was always there for any questions we had before, during, and after our home was set. We are very happy with our home and we would definitely use Connecticut Valley Homes again in the near future.”

~ Sam and Kelly Arciola

“Thank you to all the people at Connecticut Valley Modular Homes for their attention to detail and for making the whole construction process as stress free as possible and for the high quality house that we will call home for, hopefully, the rest of our lives.”

~ Janet Schulz

“I purchased an oversized cape from Connecticut Valley Homes. My wife and I decided on your company after a great deal of research into modular homes. I wanted to tell you that it was a pleasure doing business with your company and employees. I would without hesitation recommend Connecticut Valley Homes as ´THE´ company to do business with in the construction of a new home.”

~ Mike P. Kaschak Sr

“Thank you so much for all the support…I decided to build a Connecticut Valley Homes modular home because I knew of your outstanding reputation and product. I have not been disappointed and never felt pushed into anything I could not do. The house is just what I knew it would be and the finished workmanship is very professional. If you ever need a recommendation from me, I would be happy to give one. ”

~ Ceil Gallup

“Just a note to tell you what a joy it has been to work with you in the building of our retirement home. You were personally very helpful to us as we made decisions along the way. We especially appreciated several of the details you took care of since we were so far away.”

~ Robert and Elizabeth Sweet

“This acknowledgement is to let you know how very pleased my husband and I are with our new home we purchased from you. The CVH staff was helpful, courteous, pleasant, and understood how nervous we were. They put us at ease. We are now married and in our dream home! We can´t tell you without writing a book how happy we are. I especially want to mention the help we received with financing. The follow-up crew was efficient, courteous, patient, and knowledgeable. We love having company so we can show off our home. We can´t stop talking about Connecticut Valley Homes. Thank you all again.”

~ Annie and Tom Landry

“We want to express our appreciation to the people at Connecticut Valley Homes for making our house not only very comfortable for us, but also the talk of the neighborhood. We have received many compliments regarding the appearance, workmanship, and structural arrangement of the house. The finishing touches were done with great diligence, patience and care. Doing business with your firm is like dealing with family. It is a distinct pleasure.”

~ Joe and Jean Cuomo

“I would like to thank you for your patience with us during the time of building our house. It was our first new home and we were anxious. The house came out beautifully. I tell everyone that is looking for a modular home to go to Connecticut Valley Homes, they´re the best.”

~ Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rickey

“The things we liked best about Connecticut Valley Homes was the quality of the home, the professionalism of the crew setting the house, and the fact that the time frames given were right on. We will definitely recommend Connecticut Valley Homes to our friends.”

~ John and Gay Suplicki

“We love our home, view, and neighborhood! It is the best move we ever made.”

~ Karen and Rich Miller

“We are so happy with how quickly, painlessly, and efficiently any problems or concerns were addressed and resolved. Design decisions were made easy. We would definitely recommend Connecticut Valley Homes.”

~ Doug and Nancy Cassella

“We really liked and appreciated the way our home consultant worked with us and our busy schedules to help us make this house happen. Connecticut Valley Homes was great throughout this whole project.”

~ Arthur and Jill Houle

“We are very happy with the many options that were available; the floor plans could be altered to fit. There were suggestions to consider to improve my design and plan for the house. Our design consultant was very helpful and easy to work with. He went beyond what he had to do to assist us. We would definitely recommend Connecticut Valley Homes.”

~ John and Paula Trainor

“We will recommend Connecticut Valley Homes to anyone we know who is interested in building a new home. Thanks for being so patient with us. Everything came out beautifully!”

~ Tom and Rose Mazur

“I am so very happy with my new Connecticut Valley modular home. Every task was performed on schedule. I felt that each CVH representative took a personal interest in formulating the plans I desired. The quality of the workmanship is superior. I would recommend CVH without hesitation to anyone.”

~ Eleanor Sands

“I liked all the folks at Connecticut Valley Homes. It´s a professionally run operation that tries hard to satisfy the customers. I am a big fan of Connecticut Valley Homes.”

~ John Burnett

“I am very impressed with the quality of workmanship put into building this home. We really love it. Our friends are impressed as well.”

~ William and Theresa Dolan

“We both liked how the salespeople, office staff, and service people were so friendly and helpful with all of our needs for making our first home possible. We would like to thank you very much. We can´t think of anything that could have been done better. We are both very satisfied.”

~ Gary and Mary Hill

“Bianca and I have just about settled into our new modular ranch home and we love it. It is spacious, comfortable and, affordable to maintain.

We want to express our appreciation for your cooperation and assistance during the transition to our new home and we thank your many professional employees. We are proud to be numbered among your many satisfied homebuyers.”

~ Bianca and Wilfred Bellefleur

“I liked that the home is made out of real wood. The exterior finish crew worked hard in zero degree temperatures to close up our house before a major storm. They deserve a commendation for their effort. Also, our home consultant did a good job helping us design our house.”

~ Robert Secula and Monique Dion-Secula

“Everything was done on time and as we wanted, especially in design. You did what you said you would do!”

~ George and Jane Mello

“We're in our home. Even with all the boxes and clutter, it is beautiful! Please thank everyone involved in the project. From the men who set the house to the finish people. They were pleasant to talk with and helpful when asked questions. They reflect well on your company. Most of all, thank you for your professionalism. Without your knowledge, suggestions and most of all your “can do” attitude, we probably wouldn´t have finished.”

~ Mary Ann, Russell, and Chris Nilsen

“I built my first modular home a few years ago and was very satisfied with the construction and service that Connecticut Valley Homes provided. I was able to sell that house and build another. The second house earned an even greater profit so I started a third.
This third house was to be a raised ranch. I got plans and prices from Connecticut Valley Homes and a local builder. The builder said, “I´ll do the same plan, same specs, 2x6 walls, plywood, the whole nine yards and I´ll save you money.” Seven months passed…
As each of the fifteen sub-contractors (not including the builder) completed their part the builder asked me for a check. And then another.
When the house was finally done, it ended up costing me $20,000 more than the original “rock solid quote”. The finish work was not as good as Connecticut Valley´s. He never came back to adjust doors and windows and cabinets and nail-pops. The green lumber he used caused cracks and many nail-pops, …my problem! (Connecticut Valley uses kiln dried lumber it doesn´t move.) I sold that house and I plan to build another soon…a Connecticut Valley Modular Home! Because, I know there will be no surprises!”

~ Bill Ley

“I like the quality and structural soundness, the insulation is incredible! My house has been toasty warm all winter. I am very satisfied with my savings in oil consumption.”

~ Cecile Fargo

“Everyone was very helpful, they were great! It was tough enough buying a house, but we never dreamed we would be building our own. CVH made it affordable. We are proud to show off our home to anyone. The best thing is that nobody believes that it is modular. If we built again, we would come back to Connecticut Valley Homes.”

~ Tina and Jay Stubbs

“We are thrilled with our home. Bob and Gerry did a wonderful job finishing the interior and the exterior. They are perfectionists. Gerry has been great with the follow-up “stuff”. Thanks so much, we love our home.”

~ Charlie and Joan Fenick

“We liked the tremendous flexibility to make our house “custom”. No idea was ever dismissed without being explored. You delivered a quality product.”

~ John and Dale King